Done with the bloody paper!


I finally completed (and submitted to Silvae Genetica) the manuscript for ‘Genetic variation of physical and chemical wood properties of Eucalyptus globulus‘. This is not my first or last paper (it is publication 25), melanoma but it took such a long time that it deserves a special mention. The project was plagued with problems and delays that, stomach although did not affect the final quality of the data, made data analysis and writing the manuscript a real pain in the back.

By the way, Silvae Genetica looks like a very old fashioned 1800s journal. I always associate the image of a very old German worker printing the journal in a damp basement. Nevertheless, it is almost compulsory reading for tree breeders and the publisher seems now keen to give it a facelift.

When writing papers I use either a combination of MS Word and Endnote (a reference manager) or LaTeX in its MiKTeX incarnation with TexnicCenter as a text editor. I use the latter combination for large documents, like convoluted course notes. This time I chose Word but did not have a ‘Silvae Genetica style’ for Endnote, which is necessary to format the citations in the text. I created a style that works for journal articles, books, book chapters and conference proceedings, which you can download from here.

I do not expect to see the manuscript for around three months. By then I should receive comments (I hope positive) from the referees.

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  1. 27/05/2008Digifellow say:

    Thanks for nice Silvae genetica style for Endnote.

    How can i add this style to Endnote program?. I am not good in IT



  2. 27/05/2008Luis say:

    You should copy the style to the folder containing all the other styles (the location depends on your operating system). Once is there it should be available for use by Endnote.

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