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We had some wonderful conversations with Peter in Wakefield, and New Zealand (map). We were talking about the links between optimism and optimum and later Peter was telling me about the relationship between adventious events and religion. Then he mentioned the connection between Chrestos (sense auspicious, good) and Christianity. The word chrestos sounded familiar to me, when I remembered the word chrestomathy (a selection of literary passages).

Luis, Orlando and Peter in Pitfure House, Wakefield, NZ

While we were talking about the etymology of these words I mentioned that I thought there was a name for words of mixed etymology. I could not remember the word, and the closest I have got is to macaronic (yes, it sounds like pasta). Do you know the word I was thinking of? If you do, please contact me using this form. This is just another case of loganamnosis.

Sadly, my problems to find the word relate to the disappearance of The Agora (following the link you may get a ‘page not found’ error message). It is hard to create a vibrant internet community and it is so easy to destroy it. First it was the electronic implosion where there were thousands of posts lost. Then another minor implosion and then total disappearance. A real shame.

P.S. 2004-12-10. The Agora seems to be working again…

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