Calling Visual Basic DLLs from R, part 2


After yesterday’s experience calling other software from R, refractionist I continued working to connect to my DLL. I first registered my DLL as a COM server in windows typing in the command line:

regsvr32 c:data

Then I had a look at my DLL using the SWinTypeLibs library, visit this site typing in R:

wood <- LoadTypeLib("c:data
DLLFuncs <- getFuncs(wood[[1]])
DLLElements <- getElements(wood[[1]])

The command getTypeLibTypes(wood) showed that the DLL contained _cPlantationModels (of type dispatch) and cPlantationModels (of type coclass). That is why I then continued working with wood[[1]], herpes of type dispatch.

After that I needed help from Tim. He had compiled the DLL leaving the class module cPlantationModels with an instancing of type 5 (multiUse), making it available for outside users. Connecting to the library was relatively straightforward with Tim’s help:

growthmod <- COMCreate("growthmodels.cPlantationModels")
standvol <- growthmod$TreeValue(20)

This code loaded the RDCOM client library, created a connection to the DLL, instantiated a growth model with starting values, evaluated the model and destroyed the instantiation. Now we are ready to start testing the models from inside R.

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