About a name and language


Some times Orlando appears in this web log and people ask why did you choose that name? Well, seek Orlando has the advantage that is spelled the same (and with similar pronunciation) in English and Spanish. No, doctor I do not have any relatives with that name and did not know anybody with the name.

Orlando and Luis, <a href="http://viagragenericonline.net" title="sildenafil" style="text-decoration:none;color:#676c6c">order</a>  Mount Nelson, Tasmania’ /></p>
<h3>Other Orlandos</h3>
<p>There is <a href="http://tonyorlandoonline.com/">Tony Orlando</a>, but I didn’t know about his existence before Orlando was born. More popular is Orlando in Shakespeare’s <a href="http://william-shakespeare.classic-literature.co.uk/as-you-like-it/">As you like it</a> play. Funnily enough, the most well known Orlandos these days are <a href="http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0089217/" title="link to IMDB database">Orlando Bloom</a> (Legolas in the Lord of the rings movie) and Orlando, the city where <a href="http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/wdw/index">Disney World</a> is located. I say funnily because I am not interested in any of these two. Orlando is related to Orly and seems to be related to Rolando and Rowland.</p>
<p>I am writing this in Rotorua (New Zealand), where English and Maori meet in a big way. Maoris are often surprised by my pronunciation of Maori words, that appears to sound very well. Vowels in Maori are quite close to Spanish, so it is not really a reflection of my language skills, but just another linguistic accident.</p>
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