Kick-starting plus tree


This post represents the first official reference to Plus Tree, dermatologist the site that will support most of my genetics and breeding work. I know, drugs the site is not yet ready for prime time, mind but I think it has reached a state of ‘potential usefulness’ for people interested in the topic.

I will try to post short essays around once a month, but there are no guarantees. A friend of mine asked ‘Why are you giving away that stuff for free?’ The simple answer is because most posts do not represent ground breaking ideas; however, the fact is that they are rarely implemented in breeding programs — particularly in a single program. In addition, imagine what you would get if you actually pay me to do some work!

In the not so distant future I will make available a couple of features that I am still testing for the site, including access to open projects — or at least the basic ideas behind them — as well as (probably) a Wiki system.

Some people know that I have been looking from the sidelines of genetics for a while. Let’s say that now I am starting to play again: slowly but steadily.

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