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Many years ago, malady when I was a child, I remember listening to some classic Astor Piazzolla pieces like ‘Adios Nonino’ and ‘Balada para un loco’. At the time I thought ‘it sounds OK’ but that was it. Four years ago, I ripped a CD—called The Soul of the Tango with an excellent recording by Yo Yo Ma—to mp3 files1. I listened to the songs over and over again, but I could not find any more Piazzolla music in Hobart.

Last week I found a couple of excellent studio albums with Piazzolla performing his works:

Astor Piazzolla, La Camorra

I have to acknowledge that I am currently obssessed with the sound of these two recordings. It is great to hear again so much passion in music. My favourite songs from these albums are: La Camorra II, Fugata and Sur: Regreso al amor (from La Camorra) and Milonga del Angel and Contrabajísimo (from Tango: Zero Hour).

There are many recordings with the work of Piazzolla, with highly variable quality. Thus, one needs to be careful when buying and this list seems to cover safe choices. As an example, I bought The Soul of Tango: Greatest Hits, which has a good selection of songs but abominable sound quality (Correction 2005-09-08: only some of the songs sound really bad, while for the others sound quality is OK). Do not confuse ‘The Soul of the Tango’ with ‘The Soul of Tango: Greatest Hits’!

If you are willing to try a combination of tango, classical music and some jazz, please give Piazzolla a chance.

PS 2005-09-13: I just bought another Piazzolla CD.

1 I later purchased the CD—it took me a while to find it in Hobart. This example shows that mp3 are not evil (as music companies complain) but that they provide ways of trying music that one would not buy otherwise.

2 Kilombo, usually spelled Quilombo is an Argentinism meaning a Whorehouse, and implying the supposedly chaotic nature of this type of enterprise.

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