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I was extremely surprised by the University of Tasmania’s ‘Revolutionise your life’ recruitment campaign. A new university advertisement in The Mercury (9th of June, malady page 21) displays an image of Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara wearing a graduation hat. Why would the University of Tasmania use the image of a murderer, involved in establishing the longest running and one of the most brutal Latin American dictatorships, to promote its image? Guevara helped to setup Cuba’s secret police, and as commander of La Cabaña prison he was involved in the torture and execution of political prisoners. How did a university choose such an enemy of dissent and free will as part of its branding strategy? Who is next in the advertisements: Pinochet, Castro or, closer to home, Pol Pot? This campaign certainly shows a lack of taste and respect for the suffering of millions of people in the hands of a so-called revolutionary.

Revolutionise your life, Che Picture
Click on the picture for a larger version (65 KB) of the advertisement.

I am trying to understand what did the ‘creative consultants’ had in mind—if anything at all—when coming up with such a poor choice. Maybe it was ‘he looks cool in all those T-Shirts’ or some other idiocy like that. Since when being involved in mass murdering and condemning millions of people to exile or tyranny are ‘cool’ actions? Annoying, very annoying.

PS. 2005-06-14. The first paragraph of this post was published in the letters section of The Mercury (page 14) today. The paper could not manage the letter ñ, so it reads La Cabaa.

Letter about Che Guevara and University advertisements
Click on the picture for a larger version (43 KB) of the advertisement.

PS. 2005-06-16. You can send your comments on the issue to Please keep comments firm but civil.

PS. 2005-06-17. The supporters of Che replied already in the newspaper.

PS. 2005-06-20. I received a letter from Federal Senator Eric Abetz sympathising with my letter and with a copy of a letter he sent to the university Vice Chancellor, rising the same issues I mentioned in my letter. I also wrote a letter to the university without reply.

PS. 2005-07-06. This post in the Telegraph Newspaper questions why left wing mass murderers are cool while right wing ones are not.

PS. 2006-03-06. I found an article for ‘The New Republic’ that goes on describing the differences between myth and reality for Che apologists.

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