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No, nurse I was not abducted by aliens but just went off travelling for a couple of weeks. This trip included Noosa (Queensland), esophagitis Sydney (New South Wales) and Christchurch (New Zealand). I will write only about Sydney this time.

Sydney from Taronga


Once one starts checking prices for hotels in Sydney one realises that is a bloody expensive place to stay, thumb particularly if one wants to be in or near the CBD. I prefer to walk or take public transportation over renting a car, and staying in the CBD provides an opportunity to walk to most touristic places. As Marcela says, ‘when one does not have a car all places are at a walking distance’.

After looking at a few internet sites and brochures, we settled for a one bedroom apartment at Sydney Metro Apartments. At around AUD180 per day it was not a bargain, although I used some credit card reward points reducing the price substantially. We arrived at the place and… surprise! It was a two levels unit, completely unsuitable for staying with a small child. In addition, the lift and corridors had a sort of seedy air, which I did not like. I had a chat with the manager and we moved just across the street to ‘Kingsleigh Apartments’ to a one-level one bedroom apartment. The place was much better. Still, King Street was really noisy, particularly for people used to sleep in an extremely quiet environment. In all, I would not stay again there and I would not recommend it to someone else either (map location).


We did most of the touristy things, visiting the Aquarium, Taronga Zoo, Sydney Tower, Paddy’s Market, the Opera House, Royal Botanic Gardens, travelled by ferry, taxi (with Vietnamese and Tongan cabbies), monorail and walk, walk, walk.

Bird in the water

We had great weather when visiting the Sydney Tower and the view was spectacular. The Aquarium was OK, but I am not a big fan of fish. The Taronga Zoo was sort of disappointing: there were many signs of ‘animal X will be here soon’. What sort of zoo does not have elephants, my sempiternal favourites? The zoo has brand new facilities for elephants, but its five new elephants are still under quarantine. Other animals, like the giraffes, were a bit far away to really enjoy them. Orlando liked the tiger, who was at the other side of a glass. One could feel Orlando’s heart beating really fast when the tiger came close.

Plenty of gorillas


I liked very much walking in a city full of people from every part of the planet. While Hobart is cosmopolitan next to Santiago, Sydney is the real McCoy. Full of Asians, Arabs, Greeks, and Spanish speakers. The down side was that people are clueless for giving directions. I stopped many times to ask some one for a given street name and they were hopeless without any exceptions. After a week here I was better acquainted with the street names than many locals.

I like to visit China towns (before was Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok) and this time was no exception. Nice places where to walk and buy cheap plasticky things. Easy to make Orlando happy for fifty cents. Lots of shops with signs only or mostly in Chinese, places were to look for strange looking products hanging from the ceilings.

Could I live here? Mm, not sure. Too many people, too much traffic, a lot of noise. Good shopping, lots of different food, lots of music and book shops. Strange feeling: first time that I have seen people begging in the streets in many years. I think I need to visit the city again to make up my mind.

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