Strategies in Noosa


Part of my two weeks away included a meeting with old friends in Noosa, sickness Queensland. Noosa is a very civilised place where to discuss breeding strategies: warm even in winter time, with a lay back, holiday atmosphere. After each day of discussions there were plenty of chances for having long walks followed by dinner. We stayed at the Noosa Lakes Resort for the third time (location map).

Breeders in Noosa

The picture shows Mark Dieters, Colin Matheson, Heidi Dungey, myself, Tim White, Jeremy Browner, Fred Burger and Mike Carson. In addition to people in the picture, we had Paul Jefferson, Michael Henson and Steve Verryn (next to me in the picture below) in the meeting. Colin—our resident wine buff—made some interesting choices so we tried a wide range of whites and reds.

Dining out in Noosa (picture by Colin)

It was great to see Tim again, after all these years. I met him for the first time in 1993, when I thought ‘this is a very clever guy’: pretty good at navigating the politics of meetings. He did not disappoint me and this time he was even better, helping us to come up with a good strategy.

I am looking forward to participate in other strategy meetings. With some luck Steve may be able to organise a conference in South Africa (country that I have never visited) and we could have a go there.

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