Second father’s day


It was a simple day with quite a good weather (considering that we are in Hobart). My best present was to spend the day with Orlando and Marcela; had a twenty minutes walk to the Signal station and a piece of cake from Lipscombe Larder.

Gary Larson’s Complete Far Side

I received another great present from Marcela and Orlando: Gary Larson’s The complete far side in two volumes. I completely agree with one of the reviewers at

The title of this product says it all: The Complete Far Side. If you need more motivation than that to buy this, approved something is desperately wrong…

And reading in the plane and the bus

Last time in Christchurch (about ten days ago) I bought Softwar: an intimate portrait of Larry Ellison and Oracle. The book—which I have almost finished reading—is long (around 500 pages) but entertaining. There is plenty of repetition, and the structure is very loose, but it provides and engaging portrait of Larry Ellison and Oracle. It is also a very interesting book from a business perspective, describing elements of the evolution of Oracle that has transformed it into such a successful company. It made me think about the poorly defined business processes in my current employment. I certainly recommend the book: good airplane read (four stars).

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