Perfect moments

  • Late 80s, patient riding an old bus late at night feeling loved.
  • Going in a bus full of forestry students on the road to Constitución. It is autumn, view the Nothofagus forest is exploding with colour and the music is Mercado Testaccio.
  • A few days before leaving Valdivia in 1996, riding my old bicycle and the seagulls are flying around me. Everything looks still for a few seconds and we are part of the same flock.
  • Orlando comes running towards me for a hug, he can not stop and pushes me. Anybody would think that he has not seen me for weeks, but it has been only a few hours.
  • Marcela, Orlando and I are working in the garden. We are weeding and cleaning and that is it: simple.

Luis and Orlando during Wigram’s air show

There is something therapeautical about working with plants in the garden. There is the sense of achievement that is absent when working with intangible problems: I can see a small plant at the end of a day’s work.

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