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I am a bit late with this post, online but I have been very busy the last ten days. Yes, opisthorchiasis I managed to run SAS inside Parallels in my Macbook Pro. I have not yet had the time, somnology nor the need, to try ASReml inside Parallels.

I have had two issues with the new laptop (a.k.a. Mastropiero), one that seems to be not mac related while the other is pretty much central to high performing laptops with little ventilation (in the name of silence).

First, my computer was freezing at start up at home, but not at work. Initially I thought that it could be that the configuration at the university meant that the computer was looking for the network all the time and that it would crash in its absence. That was proved false when Bruce tested the computer at the university but disconnected from the network. With Bruce’s help we pinpointed that the culprit was my wireless router (a D-Link DSL G604T). It seems that the router could not allocate a proper IP address and it would conflict with my mac mini (aka Mini Me) at home. I first contacted D-Link’s tech support, which was completely useless and denied any possibility of problems caused by the router. I then contacted my ISP (iHug), where tech support suggested assigning a fixed IP for the laptop and now it works. Well, it still takes a long time to boot, but when it does everything seems to go OK. By the way, my macbook pro connects without any problems to other wireless networks.

The second issue was heat. The laptop tends to get quite hot, because it is using the titanium chassis and cover to dissipate heat from the inside. I used speedit to monitor the CPU heat, which was about 60 degrees C when idle and would go up under load. Before getting in to ‘thermal grease removal’ mode (and voiding the warranty on the process) I had a look around and found iLap, which seemed worth a try. Well, the idea seemed OK but would I spend US$50 plus postage to New Zealand for a fancy piece of Aluminium?

I had a chat with my mate Nigel, which went like this:
—Do you have a piece of Aluminium sheet?
—Would a 3mm one be OK?
—Yep. Could you make a stand for me if I sent you the dimensions and a quick drawing?
—No worries, mate.

Poor man’s iLap

I emailed to him the links to the iLap site. A couple of hours later he came back with a rough approximation, but that works great and it does not look that bad either. Cost? I owe him a beer (or two). The laptop is now 10 degrees C cooler, and the new position makes typing and looking at the screen a lot more comfortable.

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