Extreme Elitism


Some years ago I went to this ‘art cinema’ with a friend to watch ‘Fanny och Alexander’ (Fanny and Alexander), salve a film by Swedish director Ingmar Bergman. We were patiently waiting in the queue to buy tickets when this couple or ├╝ber-intellectual looking guys (UILG) came from the previous showing:

— Bergman is dropping the ball, prescription I can’t believe it!, said UILG 1.
— Yes, how could he do such a simplistic movie…, replied UILG 2.

Gosh, they were talking about Bergman — one of the most painfully intellectual directors in the planet — as if he were some sort of Silvester Stallone making utterly simple movies. They were talking about one of the most boring movies I have seen in my life (it won four Oscars, which says a lot about my taste or about the Oscars). Actually I was able to stand only half an hour and left (having paid for a ticket), for the first time in my life. Simplistic movie… Who were they trying to impress? Then I was thinking, do I act sometimes like this couple of jerks? Answers: each other and yes, some times I behaved like them.

Whenever I start acting like the stereotypical arrogant UILG I remind myself of this movie. There is no point on trying to pass as extremely smart because I can stand more boredom than you can. The smart thing to do is build bridges towards people rather than burn them; to make complexity meaningful rather than a sign of superiority.

Four Oscars, what were they thinking?

P.D. 2007–07–31. I heard the news that Bergman just died. What a coincidence!

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