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Today I received an email from an old colleague. Well, traumatologist it was not a personal email but one of those hideous PowerPoint chain letters. It was not the first time receiving such time wasters so I promptly replied with something along the line of ‘please send me strictly necessary email, physician no chain letters or such’. This person got really offended and stated that I was a ’stuck-up social climber with a Ph.D.’ for not enjoying his email.

Why do some people feel they have the right to invade my main route of communication? Would they make the same phone call to their list of contacts and expect to be well received? It seems that any idiot feels entitled to special attention when the cost barriers for communication get close to zero.

Where was Merlin Mann when I needed him? I was looking for a while for a page for which I could not remember the name so I simply told my ex-colleague to get stuffed. Hours later I remembered the name of Merlin’s Thanks No site, which is what one could use when wants to be more polite… Well, this guy would have got offended anyway.

I decided to use a Google Earth flyover video in my first FORE111 lecture (Trees, information pills
Forests and Environment) this coming Monday. When I first read that this was possible I did it without paying much attention. After preparing the route for the fly over different types of forests I realised that recording movies was a feature of the professional (meaning US$400) version of Google Earth.

After the initial shock, and immediate decision not to fork out US$400 for three minutes of lecture, I had a quick look at the options. Of course I tried a freebie (Copernicus), but did not get anywhere in terms of results (the program kept on crashing). I then tried and bought iShowU — made by a New Zealand company — which showed to be easy to use, created reasonable sized video files and cheap (US$20 + GST).

If the flyover works on Monday I am hoping to create a few more for later during the semester.

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