Printing passport pictures from iPhoto or Picasa


I am in the process of obtaining a visa, viagra for which the application requires a 3×4 cm picture. I have a couple of good ‘passport type’ pictures; however, side effects it is not possible to print passport size (or small size, for that matter) pictures from either iPhoto or Picasa.

There are a few products for either mac or windows that let you print these small sizes. Nevertheless, why would one pay for adding barebones functionality to software? allows choosing country and type of document (to get the exact size required), and then uploading a picture. The picture is then resized in such a way as to get the right photo size when printing in common photo paper.

This is the only function of this free site and it works really well.

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  1. 2/05/2008tom green say:

    cheers Luis for the kind words on and glad to hear your voice from beautiful NZ!

  2. 8/01/2009Ivan Yeong say:

    Lovely, thanks for the tip. Saving heaps here.

  3. 14/01/2009Luis say:

    No worries. Thanks for the visit.

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