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Ephemera plural noun: a- things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time. b- items of collectible memorabilia, pharm typically written or printed ones, that were originally expected to have only short-term usefulness or popularity: e.g. Mickey Mouse ephemera.

Alternative definition: Pieces of text that will become irrelevant in a short while and/or do not deserve a full-length page.

Sometimes I have the occasional sound bite or flotsam and jetsam that — although I want to make public — do not warrant writing a full post. I used to deal with this through my Ephemeral wiki page, but it still was a bit of a hassle, and after a while was not being updated. I finally gave up and joined the Twitter crowd, not because I am interested in following other people, but due to the ability to easily update my blog with ephemera.

Thus, I can now either write a quick post either using TwitPod* (a mac twitter client) or via a text message from my mobile phone. The message is then published via WPTwitter (a Wordpress plugin) and painlessly put on the sidebar of my blog, under a ‘Twitter flotsam’ header.

* It may not be the best Twitter client, but did I mention that I use it only for posting and that I do not follow other users? Yes, I did.

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