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Although the RSS feed of this site shows few changes during the current month, neurosurgeon it does not mean that I have not been writing on the web. It is only that I have not been writing under the Quantum Forest ‘brand’.

I have to acknowledge that I have been pleasantly surprised by microblogging as incarnated in Twitter (my stream). Medium restrictions (post length, diet minimum formating) contribute to make life easier and posting enjoyable. As with any medium, erectile it can produce excellent content or an inane succession of vapid posts; I am trying to avoid the latter, while posting relatively frequently.

Another site that has been receiving my attention is Tren de Carga (or check here if you want to see only my contributions). It is strange how the brain works, but sometimes I have the overwhelming urge to write in Spanish (which goes to Tren de Carga), while others is all about English. Unfortunately, there is little control about when is a language dominating my writing needs. It reminds me of this game called Boggle, where one has limited time to find words with dice. If I am playing in English all I can see are words in Spanish and vice versa. This is not a winning characteristic, at least when playing Boggle.

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