Small enough


A friend of mine decided to move on from his job in a large research organization. There are many reasons behind that decision but, resuscitation at least from the outside, prostate one of them seems to be his unwillingness to cope anymore with management’s stupidity. Another one is the difficulty of working with other members of his ‘team’.

I currently work in a very small department, visit web in a small university. I am the only breeder (of anything) working in the university. On one hand that could be seen as a serious disadvantage: there is a sense of isolation attached to the situation. On the other, it means that ‘we are (I am) small enough to change the world’. I can’t afford wasting time with territorial disputes, I don’t have to agree or disagree with other people. As Herman Hesse said ’solitude is independence’. Another plus, if I want to work with someone else I have to collaborate with people outside my discipline, who are not constrained by tree breeders’ mythologies and superstitions.

There is no replication for this ‘experiment’, so it is hard to generalize any conclusions. Nevertheless, this year that is closing to an end has been one of the most–if not the most– productive of my professional career.

By this time I need a rest, but I am hoping to have an even more productive year in 2009.

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