Seal in Kaikoura


Last week we did a short trip to the Northern part of the South Island. We spent the first day mostly in Kaikoura, nurse where the best part was visiting the Seal Colony. The best part was jumping between rocks with my sun, more about trying to get closer to the seals.

Seal resting in Kaikoura

Seal on holidays, esophagitis Kaikoura, New Zealand.

Seal colony [maptype=G_HYBRID_MAP]

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  1. 9/02/2009kong say:

    Thats one lovely picture of Seal. Did you snap that pic, Luis?
    I’ll make sure that one day, I’ll be able to visit Kaikoura!


  2. 9/02/2009Luis say:

    Yes, I did. Just get a driver’s license and off you go!

  3. 3/03/2009kong say:

    Haha! I got it already Doc. I’m sure, one day I’ll be there!

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