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I will keep updating this post with the itinerary.

Monday 17: trip from Christchurch to Auckland, seek then from Auckland to Narita International Airporthemorrhoids 140.366993&sspn=0.08176,0.151062&ie=UTF8&ll=35.7727,140.388279&spn=0.681899,1.208496&z=10″>§. Nice 767 plane. This was followed by a car ride from Narita to Hitachi§.

Tuesday 18: visiting progeny trials around Hitachi, quick tour at Tree Breeding Center and first presentation on GxE interaction. Banquet as the guest of honor.

Wednesday 19: visiting another progeny trial and seed orchard for ‘low pollen’ Sugi varieties. Drive to Tsukuba§ and presentation on breeding objectives broadcasted by internet. Drive to Narita, plane from Narita to New Chitose Airport§ (Hokkaido), train to Sapporo§.

Thursday 20: progeny trials, clonal trials and seed orchards around Sapporo, Hokkaido.


Sapporo’s restaurant district.

Friday 21: visit silvicultural trials. Presentation about very early screening for wood quality in Sapporo. Banquet with people attending the presentation.

Saturday 22: train from Sapporo to Chitose, flight from Chitose to Kansai airport§ (Osaka), train from Kansai to Kyoto§, subway to hotel. Visit to market, some shopping and washing my clothes.


Yoko, our friendly waitress/theology student starts bringing the food. Nice restaurant in Kyoto.

Sunday 23: Free day. Temples galore in Kyoto: Higashi Honganji, Nishi Honganji, Sanjūsangen-dō.

Tuesday 25: Presentation in Kyoto on very early screening for wood quality. Flight from Kyoto to Kumamoto (Kyūshū)§.



Wednesday 26: last presentation in Kumamoto on very early screening for wood quality (free at last!). Banquet with 15 people.

Thursday 27: Drive from Kumamoto to Miyazaki§. Visited CP progeny trial and several silvicultural experiments on the way. Flight from Miyazaki to Haneda Airport, Tokyo.


Another 22,000 kilometers in two weeks. This does not consider cars, trains and buses.

Friday 28: Going around Tokyo looking for presents and suffering the heat. It is a big, large, enormous city. Train to Narita airport and 7 pm Air New Zealand flight to Auckland, where I arrived the next day.

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