Quantum forest is a series of ‘logs to self’ on research, click biometrics and environmental issues written by Luis Apiolaza in Christchurch, New Zealand. Until late 2005 I used to say ‘written by Luis Apiolaza in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia’, but we moved to Christchurch. Of course this general description does not preclude writings on any other topics, including politics, the web, language, etc.

Years of living under a dictatorship confirmed my belief that one needs to have access to all types of freedom; having market freedom without political freedom—or vice versa—is completely pointless. I feel comfortable applying to myself the description of the reason magazine written by the Columbus Dispatch: ‘manages to offend leftists with its defense of biotechnology, free trade and school choice, even as [he] appalls conservatives by supporting gay marriage, open immigration and drug legalization’.

I was born in South America, and during my life I have lived in five different countries—and have been lucky enough to visit many more. Because of my experience, I believe that globalisation is a positive trend where I can be a citizen of the world, while still calling New Zealand home.

Not thinking of Quantum Forest

Photo: not thinking of Quantum Forest.

I like languages and words. At the moment, my favourite English words are exegesis and diaspora. My current favourite Spanish words are remolino and conuco (the latter being a word of Taíno origin).

I can be contacted at Luis.Apiolaza@canterbury.ac.nz. You can obtain more information on my work and personal interests in the wiki pages of this site. If you are lost, here is the way to my home page. For consulting information please visit the Plus Tree site. A complete list of all my sites in English and Spanish can be found in apiolaza.net.

I often write this blog while sipping a cup of earl grey tea or a plunger coffee, sitting somewhere in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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