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Beam me up Orlando!


Some days ago I bought a PalmOne Tungsten T3. I have slowly been exploring (and discovering) software and hardware features.

Yesterday, drug I went to K-mart and saw a Kodak digital lab. I was starting to pull the SD card off my PDA when I realised that the lab had an infrared port. A few taps and I was in ‘photo’ beaming Orlando’s pictures to the lab. A few seconds later I had photo quality prints of the cute boy. I really love when technology works without any hitches!

Green Orlando

I have also been testing and buying some additional things for the PDA: Agendus Pro, a calendar replacement (which I bought, it is very good value); Bonsai, an outliner (which I am testing but I have not bought yet); and Handbase a database that I am starting to evaluate. I have also purchased a Krusell leather cover for the PDA, which has good quality, although it can not be used while synchronising, and Brando’s WorkShop Screen Protector. This screen protectors are great, washable and the delivery took only four days from Hong Kong. Before I purchased Brando’s products I tried with Belkin’s clear screens, but they were too short for the T3 and not worth the money, so I took them back to the shop for a refund.

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Paternity, time wasters, cars and project management


Since Orlando’s arrival last week I have had almost no time for updating this weblog or for my usual participation in numerous internet fora. No, view I am not complaining but only presenting a statement of fact. It has been good to have a rest from many endless discussions (for example, about the environment in Tasmania) and focus in the new little one. In addition, I have been too sleepy to present any coherent thoughts or drive a good argument.

Baby Orlando

I have also been working shorter hours, but of a much higher quality. The units of work per time spent have more than doubled. There are so many things that I need to complete that I do not have much time for web browsing, TV or any other “time wasters”. This is great, but I still want to spend more time planning the next year, so I can finish some interesting pending projects.

In another note, I had never been much of a car person; my basic philosophy has always been ‘if it goes forwards and backwards is OK’. Now I love cars, not because of the make, features and speed, but because they are great at soothing babies. If we need to travel, Orlando will cry at most four blocks and then he is sound asleep. What a great treat for struggling first time parents!

While soothing Orlando I have been reading again the notes on project management that I got in a course ran by John Smyrk. They are very (may be too) concise, but present a good structure on things to take into account for the management of projects. For example, the distinctions between outputs and outcomes, the non-existence of so-called “solutions”, ways of determining the stakeholders, etc. Some of the forms used for the ITO (Input Transformation Output) approach are available in this Tasmanian Government web site. I will probably also start re-reading J.R. Turner’s book The handbook of project-based management, which seems to go pretty much with the ITO model.

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The best gift ever


It has been a rather long week in hospital, information pills coming in and out at strange hours, and with people cleaning the streets and empty carparks. It has been a completely new experience of the city.

Orlando’s foot

In one of the longest days ever, Orlando arrived on May 10 with nearly three kilograms and a beautiful smile. He came with the greatest gift of them all: a new life full of challenges and opportunities.

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