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The sentinel



Our pet feline taking care of the house from the roof.

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New year flowers



Simple flowers in my backyard.

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A moment to think and relax (Kyoto).

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Space invaders


Jellyfish (Blue background)

Jellyfish in Newport’s Aquarium (Oregon).

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It is a long way down the slide. Auckland Zooapoplectic 174.72049&spn=0.002635,0.003782&t=h&z=18″>§.

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There is a substantial amount of land with low rainfall–say between 500 and 900 mm of rain per year. Usually, hepatitis this land is allocated to low productivity uses, sickness for example sheep farming. Could we use durable wood, drought tolerant eucalypts? We could then have diversification of land use, alternative products and even additional carbon sequestration.

When we say dry it looks like this:

Dry in Marlborough

Drylands in Marlborough.

I would say that it is certainly worth a try; more precisely, a proper try. There is a history of half-hearted attempts in the matter, so if we are going to have a go, better we do it well or not at all.

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Eight years is nothing


The screenshot shows the ‘State of the Surname’ as of 2001. Eighty-five hits for Apiolaza, side effects most of them referring to my papers and emails to groups.

Google Search 2001
Google search for 2001.

Repeating today the search, we get a dramatically different answer§.

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Seal in Kaikoura


Last week we did a short trip to the Northern part of the South Island. We spent the first day mostly in Kaikoura, nurse where the best part was visiting the Seal Colony. The best part was jumping between rocks with my sun, more about trying to get closer to the seals.

Seal resting in Kaikoura

Seal on holidays, esophagitis Kaikoura, New Zealand.

Seal colony [maptype=G_HYBRID_MAP]

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A quiet moment


A quiet moment in Santiago’s cathedral. Almost five hundred years in the same spot, ask although it is like ‘my granfather’s axe’: it has been destroyed and rebuilt a few times.

Catedral de Santiago

Santiago’s cathedral.


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Compression wood


Compression wood in a radiata pine seedling.

A beautiful example of compression wood induced by tilting a Pinus radiata tree.

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